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Livermore, California was founded by William Mendenhall and named after Robert Livermore, his friend and a local rancher who settled in the area in the 1830s. The Livermore area was home to the Native American Indians before the arrival of the Spanish in the 18th century. It was incorporated under the Roman Catholic Mission San Jose in 1796. The Livermore Amador Valley was primarily grazing land for Mission San Jose's thousands of cattle and sheep until secularization of California missions from 1834 to 1837 opened great amounts of land throughout California for Mexican land grants.

Today, Livermore is the epitome of California living. The climate, location, recreational options, cultural activities, and influence from surrounding urban areas and thriving agriculture makes it true California Dreamin’!

Livermore is a city located in Alameda County, California. As of the 2000 census, the city had a total population of 73,345. Traditionally, Livermore is considered the easternmost city in the San Francisco Bay Area before entrance to the Central Valley.

It is 40 minutes away from downtown San Francisco by car or public transportation. Situated in the Tri-Valley Area - which also includes Pleasanton and Dublin - the Livermore Valley is accessible from San Jose, Fresno, Sacramento, and San Francisco. The town is famous for the robust wines, epic golf courses, friendly people, and the new revitalized downtown.

Livermore's culture retains some vestiges of the farming and ranching traditions that have existed in the valley since the time of Robert Livermore, but now largely reflects the values of its suburban population. Livermore has a strong blue-collar element, as well as many professionals who work at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and various hi-tech industries within the Bay Area.

It is perhaps best known for its wineries. In the early sixties, Livermore had as much area under vine as Napa Valley did at that time. However, it remained relatively unknown, while Napa rose to worldwide prominence. Today, Livermore citizens enjoy their relaxed, family-oriented way of life and excellent wines that rival Napa wineries.

Search for homes in Livermore